How to set a decorating budget

How to set a decorating budget

How to set a decorating budget

Interior design can be pretty expensive getting you into serious financial trouble if not well planned. Decorating your home is not something you wake up one morning and decide to do. Even if you plan to redecorate one room, costs can add up quickly. You’ve got to decide how much you want to spend before starting any interior design project. The most important question every homeowner should have an answer to is, “How much will the room cost?”

Will you buy a new carpet or use hardwood for the floors? What is your favourite paint and how much will it cost you to cover the entire home? Are you buying any new light fixtures or new furniture? The idea of what to purchase can be overwhelming if you have a limited budget. Setting the decorating budget can always be a challenge to homeowners who have no idea the cost of things.

The following steps will help you set out your decorating budget without running into financial trouble.

Plan everything before you begin

Proper planning is always essential for any home improvement projects. The first step is finding the right design that inspires you. Look at the internet and magazines to find a design that best emulates what you want. Break your project down into the following:

  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Accessories
  • Décor
  • Associated costs of hiring handymen

Breaking down your projects into the above components will enable you to know how much you will need to complete the entire decorating project. Be realistic and honest with the amount you have available for the project. If the amount falls short, you can set to save every week until you reach your goal or cut down on some items.

Consider the size of the room(s) that needs decorating

Are you planning to decorate the entire house or just a specific room? There is no problem decorating certain rooms in your home. Homeowners with limited budget must consider priority rooms to decorate first. This can be the kitchen, bathroom or even the living room.

When choosing what room to decorate or what is required in specific spaces, ask the following questions:

  1. How will I use the room?
  2. Are there pets or young children?
  3. How many people will the room accommodate?
  4. What furniture will you re-purpose?
  5. What is it that is not working for you?

These questions will enable you to know what you need and what you don’t need and budget appropriately.

Re-purpose old items and accessories

Look around your home and think of ways to re-use some of the items you already have in your home. Re-purposing might not sound exciting when planning for new pieces to arrive but it will save you some cash for the must have items. Ask yourself if you need new kitchen cabinets or just reface the old ones.

Once you have items that can be re-purposed, look for DIY guides to helps you finish some of the projects.

Remember, it is only you that knows how much you have to spend. Friends or relatives should not tell you how much to spend as they don’t understand your finances. You have to be willing to pause and go through your finances to know exactly how much you can spend.

how to set decorating budget


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