How to Choose a Children’s Rug

How to Choose a Children’s Rug

How to Choose a Children’s Rug

When it comes to choosing a rug for your child’s room there isn’t a right or a wrong choice.  The size and the design of the rug you need will depend on your circumstances and the use that you think the rug might get.

Here is a simple check list that might help you narrow down your options to the right rug for your child’s nursery.

  1. Do the floors need protecting? A rug is a lot easier to clean and replace with time if necessary than a carpet. It will help keep your cream carpets intact and will protect your laminate or wood floors from scratches and dents.
  2. Does the room need an injection of colour? Children love brightly coloured rugs and kids’ rugs make a lovely addition to neutral colour schemes. Add a few stickers to the walls, a bright rug on the floor and keep everything else as neutral or colourful as you want – a rug will bring together the colours in your room and will make the design cohesive.
  3. Are you decorating a nursery for a boy, girl or both? Often stereotypes are true and boys would often choose a football pitch rug, whilst girls are more likely to go for a pink fairyland one.  A bestselling rug, however, is the Jungle rug, followed closely by the Pirate rug, that have proven to be a hit with both boys and girls, making them perfect for shared rooms too.
  4. What kind of play does your child enjoy? If your child is into playing outside, then a small rug by the bed might be sufficient.  If you regularly end up with Lego castles and dinosaur battles on the floor, a larger rug would be a perfect choice. A 160x230cm rug will happily accommodate your child and the toys or even a few friends.
  5. How big is the room? Often children’s rooms are small. Some of the larger children’s rug sizes could potentially be too large. Look around the room and consider the furniture that is already in place.  Would a rug interfere with the door openings or would the bed obscure parts of the design of the rug that your child might want to see?  Ideally you want to leave at least 15-20cm between the wall and the rug so a 140x200cm or 160x230cm rug would be perfectly suited for a 200x300cm room and a 200x300cm rug would be ideal for a 300x400cm room.

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