Carpeted stairs do’s and don’ts

Carpeted stairs do’s and don’ts

Carpeted stairs do’s and don’ts

Most of us prefer to have the stairs in our homes carpeted.  This is because carpets substantially reduce the noise and protect our elbows and knees should we trip or fall on the stairs. Wooden stairs probably account for more bruises and fractures than one can imagine.

The easiest option is to go with the same carpet on the landing and the stairs as in the bedrooms to keep the consistent look.  This, however, is not always the best option.  Stairs and the landing are extremely high traffic areas and end up with a lot more footfall than any other room in the house.  Bedroom carpet often lacks quality and durability required for the stairs and as a result the carpet on the stairs ends up looking tired and worn out, when the bedrooms still look perfectly fine.  It is also extremely important that the carpet on the stairs has some grip, making the cheapest carpets or carpets with long fluffy pile unsuitable for safety reasons.  Have a look at some great images I found on Pinterest.  There are great for inspiration.

So what is the solution?

  1. Use high durability carpet throughout – choose a carpet suitable for stairs and landing and use it throughout your home – this way you will ensure that the stairs and the landing are not interrupting your space visually and blend in with your colour scheme. Often, however, there is a price tag to go with it.  Durable carpets often mean good quality carpets and that comes at a premium.  Wool carpets are often not a lot more expensive than the synthetic ones, but they will last a lot longer and will retain their looks for years.
  2. Mix and match – if you are going for a neutral colour scheme, you can often find carpets that look similar or will complement each other but are produced by different manufacturers in different qualities. Go for a more durable carpet for the stairs and opt for a softer one for the bedrooms. Wool berber are often the best choice for the stairs, whilst you might want to go for a longer pile carpet for the bedrooms.  As long as the colour is the same, different textures will add interest and will still look in keeping with your overall design.
  3. Make your stairs into a feature – stripes patterns are the old time favourites in any fabrics – clothes, furnishings and carpets. With a variety of colours and striped patterns it is very easy to pick the one that would make your stairs look stylish.  The choice varies from more traditional 5-6 colour stripes to more modern monochromes, contrasting and strong reds, blues, greens to subtle beiges and creams.  Have a look here for some examples.
  4. Use a runner – this is a perfect option for classic houses with traditional furniture and real wood floors. Nothing will dress up your stairs more than a classy wool runner with an oriental pattern and colour scheme.  Add stair rods to finish the look.  This option is perfect if you want to show off your wood stairs as the runner does not have to cover the full step.  Leave 5-10cm on either side of the runner to get the practicality and style.

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