How to Define Your Interior Design Style

How to Define Your Interior Design Style

How to Define Your Interior Design Style

How does your ideal home look? Do you have everything inside your home designed the way you want? The interior design of your home plays a very big role in your life every day. How do you understand interior design? It is not just about the looks inside the building. Interior design is more than just painting colours and selecting fabric. Interior design is a process of providing solutions to your home’s interior and making beautiful, relaxing and appealing.

Interior design helps people learn about space and feel comfortable at a specific place with its facilities. The interior of the house must be practical and aesthetically appealing at the same time. For most people, it is difficult to decide the right interior personal style that meets your lifestyle and needs. Most designs rarely show the need for improvement or alterations until they are actually used. How to choose one’s personal style for your home’s interior is not something easy. Interior designers help clients choose a design according to their lifestyle. However, the designer needs to take into consideration the architecture plans of the house to reduce the cost of tearing down walls.

minimalist interior with feature wall

However, if you already know what you want, you can ask your architect to make it realizable by building the interior to suit your style. The interior designer will help you choose the right décor, paint colour, lighting, etc. They do not change the layout of the house. The best advice on any interior design project is to know what you need first. The best interior designers are not expensive, but the real cost comes when you have to tear down walls to change the looks of your interior after a year. Depending on how much you want to spend on your interior, choose what you can do and leave the rest to the designers.

How to define your style to the designer

Most people spend a lot on interior designers but never get the exact interior design they had in mind once the project is complete. The better you paint the picture of your personal style to the designer, the more likely you will love the outcome. It is always important to be able to communicate your desired designs and ideas about your dream home to your decorator/interior designer in the best way possible. Knowing what you like is not the hard part; it is putting it in words to your designer that is difficult.

Here is a simple way to be able to define your personal style and be able to make your designing team understand it.

Create a list of items you love

When you want to figure out your style, first figure out the things you love. These are simple things that catch your eye. These can be snapshots of décor, pages you tear from magazines, scraps of fabrics, or just anything in your home that you love. You can even create a Pinterest boards with rooms and favourite furniture.

Note the similarities

Once you have a collection from your list ready, check for similarities. Are they brand new or antique? Is there any specific colour palette you like? What are your preferences? Pastels or jewel stones? This questions will enable you to understand your personal style. How does the home feel, formal or casual? Write the similarities noting down the pieces you love most.

Choose your style

There are three main styles to choose from when assigning your designer a style. These are:

  • Contemporary: This is commonly referred to us modern
  • Traditional: Classic and timeless, often seen as sophisticated and classy
  • Transitional: A mixture of modern and transitional

Most people will usually fall in transitional, but there are several other specific styles that you need to learn to choose a better style that suits your lifestyle and needs. Some of these styles include Bohemian, rustic farmhouse, Scandinavian, shabby chic, minimal, coastal, mixed prints, glam, mid-century modern and much more.

modern room style

The importance of rugs in all interior design projects

Following the steps above should help you define your personal style well. Most who manage to have their style nicely implemented by the designer make one major mistake. You can walk into a room and see everything is great, but there is one big flaw you just can’t figure out. Everything from the painting, positioning, lighting and colours will look just fine, but then everything feels off. If you look a little harder, you will realize the problem is with the rug used.

Most interior designer experts will tell you the crucial role a rug plays, and you can get the best out of it by choosing the right rug. A fine rug will soften the tone of the room making certain features of colours stand out. The texture of the rug will also impact the texture of the space. Rugs lighten everything around the house and create the right ambiance to resonate with your personality and character of the room.

You can see a lot goes into interior designing if you are to achieve your dream home. Every single aspect must be taken into consideration to have the picture in your mind replicated in the home.

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