Are my reviews honest?

If you are like me and do most of your shopping online, you know the importance of unbiased reviews.  Most of the products I review I buy for my family and our home.  For larger items I do my research in advance and I always try and share my experience after using the products for a while. 

Occasionally I do get sent samples and products for reviews (yep, definitely one of the perks of the job). These reviews will always be marked with an (*) asterisk.  Please rest assured that I only accept samples of products that I am able to test and give my 100% honest opinion on.

Do I write all reviews myself?

Most of the reviews I include are written by myself, but I do have friends who work in different industries and I find their contribution and professional opinion invaluable.  I ask them for their time and help when I feel they are much better placed to review a product and when I feel their knowledge of the subject is a lot more in-depth than mine. I always make it clear if a review was not written by me.

Do I get paid to review products?

Most of the time I do not.  There are occasions, however, where some of the products that I link to in my posts come with affiliate offers.  This means if you click on the link and choose to purchase the item I will get a small commission.  Whilst this does contribute towards the site maintenance costs, I do not run this blog as a business and I will always choose to link to products that I consider the best.


PR / Media

If you think a review or a blog post about your product will be beneficial to my readers, do get in touch.  I will do my best to test it and give 100% honest opinion to my readers.