How to modernise your space on a budget – 5 ideas

How to modernise your space on a budget – 5 ideas

How to modernise your space on a budget – 5 ideas

If you do not have a budget for a massive renovation project, do not despair. A lot can be achieved by simply being creative and searching the web for ideas.

Whether you are renting or own your home, moving walls and replacing furniture is not always an option.  Over the next week we will be sharing seven easy ideas on how to make your living space more attractive without investing too much money.  Start with just a few small changes and gradually move to larger ones.  As much as you are tempted to just jump into it and do everything straight away, do take your time.  This project is supposed to be about having fun in the process as much as achieving great results.

1. Decluttering

Decluttered HomeOften we are so used to all the little things that we have collected over the years that we do not notice that we have perhaps a few too many.  The best way to look at your room in an unbiased way is to take photos of every room.  This will immediately show you objects that are out of place and do not need to be on display.  Imagine these photos on rightmove or zoopla – if you were a buyer, what would you think of your place?

This does not mean you have to get rid of all your memorabilia, but you might want to store it away from your guests’ eyes.  Utilise every bit of storage that is available:

If you do not have a storage bed, boxes or suitcases are just as good, they will take a huge amount of items from books to clothes and shoes that you rarely use.

Use wicker baskets to hold small items on top of the kitchen cabinets.  This can be anything from your sewing kit to medical and first aid kit, photographs, documents or birthday cards.

If you have a storage problem, why not move the sofa away from the wall just far enough to stack boxes behind it and add a shelf on top of the boxes – the shelf will be useful for your blankets, books and remote controls as well as provide you with a very useful space underneath.

2. Touching up Small Imperfections

Often changing little things that are right in front of us can make a lot of difference to the overall look of your home.  A lot can be achieved by simply touching up the paint and tiding up wires around the TV.  But is there anything else that you can do if you have a few hours to spare?

Electrical sockets and switches tend to go yellow over time.  Replacing them with new white ones will immediately lift the look of the walls, giving them a clean finish.  If you can afford to upgrade, brushed chrome or steel look smart and modern.

Re-painting the doors, frames and skirting boards will give them a fresh clean look and will hide small scratches and scrapes. Use decorators caulk to fill in cracks around door frames and skirting boards. It is easy to apply and a good finish can easily be achieved by even the most inexperienced DIYers.

Replace door handles to achieve a more modern look.  Chrome or steel finish will add a contemporary sleek feel, but even gold plated classic style handles will look a million times better when they have that new polished shine.

A grout pen will transform the look of your bathroom and kitchen tiles.  Easy to apply, it provides an instant face lift for old, grey looking grout and provides a brilliant alternative to replacing the tiles.

Classic Beige Bedroom

3. Adding Finishing Touches

It’s often the small touches that make all the difference.  Often you look at a room and everything seems to be in the right places, but something is still missing.  Adding just a few finishing touches can change the atmosphere of the room, make it feel more spacious and homely.   Once you have an idea of what it is that you would like to introduce, try to look at your room as one canvas and add furnishings and accessories that follow the same theme.

Cushions and curtains will add colour to a neutral colour scheme and will brighten up the décor.  If you have blinds and privacy and light are not an issue, voiles will give a lighter and more airy feel to the room, whilst still adding interest.

Rugs are always a beautiful addition to any room.  They add texture and warmth as well as colour.  Go for a shade that coordinates with your curtains and cushions, or match it to your main colour scheme for a more subtle effect.

Throws add a soft and comfy touch and are useful for hiding fabric imperfections if your sofa or chair has seen better days.  Use it to cover the whole sofa or just folded over the back.

New bed linen is often as good as changing the bed frame.  It can achieve any effect you want – brighten the room, add sophistication, glamour or elegance.

Scented candles will bring a warm and atmospheric feel to any room.  Soft glow and a beautiful aroma will help you relax and enjoy your evenings.

4. Visual Illusion Tricks

Have you ever watched a house makeover programme and wished that you could hire a professional designer to do their magic on your home.  If your budget is not quite there yet, here are just a few tips that interior decorators use.

Dark rooms will appear a lot lighter if you place mirrors and other reflecting surfaces near or opposite light sources.  Mirror opposite a window or door way will create an illusion of space and light, whilst any other reflecting surfaces like silver, glass or metal will add elegance and sophistication.  Picture frames, lamp bases, vases will all add a beautiful sheen to your décor.

Hang curtain poles a little closer to the ceiling and choose curtains a little longer than you normally would to create an illusion of height.  Vertical stripes are great for elongating the windows, whilst horizontal stripes will make the windows and walls look wider.

Clever lighting can hide a multitude of sins.  Brighter light bulbs will make the space more modern and clean, whilst floor and table lamps will give out a softer, more atmospheric light.  Why not use a soft light rope light around the TV, under the kitchen cabinets or around the picture frames for designer touch.

5.Create a Feature Wall

This is a great way to transform your living space, make it feel more spacious and change the feel of the room completely.  There is so much you can do to add character to your room by simply transforming one wall. You can use wallpaper, stickers, darker paint or simply put together a collage of photos. Feature walls help to break up the living space into zones, for example accentuate the bed head or the sofa and add a modern touch to your décor.

If you are renting and are limited in what you can do, vinyl stickers are a perfect solution.  They are reusable and do not damage the surface of the wall.  Available in bright colours or more subtle monochrome grey, black and brown shades, they are easy to apply and look stylish too.

Art Decor Home

If you are after a more dramatic change, wallpaper is the answer for adding colour, texture and pattern.  If your overall colour scheme is subtle or monochrome, wallpaper will be a perfect way to add just a few strokes of colour, rather than have a solid block of colour that a painted wall would provide.

Painting is quick and easy and the choice of colours is incredible, making it easy to coordinate wall paint with any other item in your furnishings.  If you are a fan of wall art, photo prints or displaying photo collages, a solid colour wall would provide a perfect background.  Why not experiment with textured paint or suede effect paint for added interest.




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