Ideal Kitchen Design

Ideal Kitchen Design

Ideal Kitchen Design

You don’t have to be a professional chef to have a well designed, practical and professional kitchen. Let’s discuss a few important points one needs to think about when planning your kitchen.  There is a very useful free tool I use all the time to help visualise my kitchen design.


contemporary kitchen

Working in the kitchen is not without risks. There are sharp knives, hot pans and pots and other things to hurt yourself with. Therefore it is very important to be on full alert and pay close attention to what you’re doing. Therefore, you need to carefully think when planning lighting in the kitchen. All areas have to be well lit and bright.

It helps to split the kitchen into different areas. On one hand, food preparation areas need to have strong bright light. On the other hand, dining areas or kitchen island will look much better with soft muted light. This will create a much better relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Wall space

When thinking about creating storage space make sure to use every available space on kitchen walls. Tall wall cabinets will create enough space to accommodate all your kitchen needs. Make sure to use top shelves for items you very rarely use. Your bottom shelves are best suited for plates and other utensils that are used on the daily basis. Heavy items like pots and pans can go into the bottom units under your worktop. You can store them one on top of another to maximise your space the best way you can.

minimalist white kitchen design

Kitchen island

Kitchen island should not only be a place where you cook and have your breakfast but it can also be very useful design element dividing your kitchen space and editing functionality. So how do you make the most out of it? You can hide your dishwasher and your rubbish bin inside the island. The space under the island can also be used to install additional shelves and drawers.


white-marble-kitchenWhen choosing your worktop a lot depends on your budget. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford marble or granite you should definitely do it. High quality stone worktop is definitely worth every penny. It’s durable, long-lasting as well as looks great and adds a luxury feel to your kitchen design. Your second best option is hardwood worktop. Good quality oak or walnut worktop can add warmth and style to any kitchen. Hardwood worktops can be polished and reconditioned which means you will easily get 10 to 20 years out of it making it great value for money. By far the cheapest option available on the market is laminate worktop. They are fairly cheap but can provide a cost-effective alternative when budget is tight. In recent years glass worktops have become increasingly common. Glass worktop can create a sleek ultramodern minimalist look with its glossy finish and simplicity.

For more advise and helps with planning your kitchen have a look here.



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