How to create a focal point in the room

How to create a focal point in the room

How to create a focal point in the room

A focal point in your room is probably the most important aspect in the room. It is the main point of interest where your visitor’s eye will be drawn first. How a room flows and ties together starts from the focal point. It then travels throughout the entire home taking up in scale, patterns, colour palette, balance, and textures. The central point is very crucial in any home being the main anchor points for rooms and other contents in the house.

Creating a focal point is a very important step in creating a personal style in your home. It gives the eyes a place to rest. Without it, a feeling of discomfort and chaos is created for the viewer. So how do you create a focal point? A signature piece of furniture, a large piece of art and an accent wall are some of the elements to use to create a focal point. Here are some suggestions on how to create a focal point:


Do you have a fireplace included in your living room? If so, consider yourself lucky. Fireplaces are great places to build off your focal point in the home. Hang a large decorative mirror or piece or art above the mantel to emphasize the fireplace as your focal point. Vases or candles of different sizes brought together are some of the things you can add. Keep the accessories simple.

Those without a fireplace might look for other options like a vinyl fireplace wall decal. You can then hang your piece of art over the decal.

Use the built-in shelves

There are homes that have built-in shelves that you can use to place your favourite objects. Make if your focal point and place your favourite books or picture frames in a convenient way that they stand out. Painting the walls behind the shelves with a contrasting colour is another great way to make your focal point stand out. Adding some fabric behind the shelves is another great way to make built-in shelves become great focal points. Your current décor style and accessories can be built to the shelves but ensure to make them simple.

Re-position your sofa

Creating a focal point does not have to be a difficult task. Re-positioning your sofa can sometimes do the trick and give you a great focal point. Place the sofa along the longest wall in the house and have a large piece of art hanging over it. The piece of art chosen must match your personality and décor style. It must create a statement that catches the attention of the visitors.


Colour can be used to create a focal point in your home by focusing attention on a specific area in the room. You can decide to colour one wall differently making it stand out from the rest. However, make sure the colour does not affect the identity of the room. If you cannot change the colour on one wall in the room, the covering large canvases with fabric that matches your décor will do it.


Picture windows in the living areas can also be terrific focal points. Highlighting the picture window will capture the attention of guests in your home. You can hang eye-catching curtains above the window and place an area rug beneath the furniture that is close to the window.

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