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EDITOR’S CHOICE – How to decorate your house on a tight budget

modern interior widh contemporary rugHow do you decorate your home when you literally have no money? It is no secret interior design projects can be pretty expensive. The costs of decorating a single room can add up very quickly leaving you struggling financially. The idea of buying everything you need to complete your decorating projects can be a daunting one when you have a limited budget. Do I buy a new carpet or simply install wooden floors? A limited budget can deny you the chance of getting your ideal home, but that should not be the case.

There are ways to easily decorate your home without breaking the bank. You don’t have to do great decorating projects to achieve that ideal look in your home. Small projects can freshen up your home and make it look great on a small budget. Here is how you can decorate your house on a tight budget:

Plan ahead

When you know you have a tight budget; planning ahead will be helpful. Proper planning is essential for any home improvement project. Projects that stall halfway to completion happen due to poor planning. You either run out of money or plans don’t come out as you expected. When you work on a tight budget, you must know everything you need in advance. You can make orders online of items that will not fit your style. The costs of returning them might be way too much for you.

Find a design that inspires you and showcases your personal style. You can get cheap decorative designs online or in magazines. Break the project down into components: flooring, paint, furniture, décor, and accessories. Get an idea of how much each part will cost and do a sum of all the components comparing with what you already have in your bank.

You have, to be honest with your finances and not imagine of getting some funds from somewhere else during the process of decorations. If the amount is not enough to decorate your ideal home, you can wait as you save or cut down on some unnecessary items.

This leads us to our second way of decorating on a tight budget.

Re-purposes items

Who said everything in your home must be stunningly new? You can re-purpose your old items and save on the cash of buying new ones. Instead of buying new kitchen cabinets, give the old ones a facelift. This is where you out your DIY skill into good work.

Shop for second hand

You can get very high-quality second-hand furniture and other items at a very affordable prices instead of buying new ones. Check the local thrift store and get only the quality products that you need. Sofas can be covered with a slip cover. Old mirrors can be given a new paint of coat to make them look nice.