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If you have no designer experience and are looking for simple ideas on how to improve every room in you house without spending a fortune, we are here to help. We blog about interior design ideas, life hacks, DIY tips and tricks but also about anything else that we think might make our readers’ lives a little easier. Best buys, money saving ideas, expert opinions and product reviews as well as competitions and give always, there is something for everyone.


Get Inspired

Browse through our galleries, blog posts and life hacks. This will give you an idea where to start if you are moving or if your current home could do with freshening up. If you have enough savings to re-create your dream décor, we’ll help you with ideas on best buys.


Do It Yourself

Prior experience is always useful, but enthusiasm and a few spare hours in the evenings or weekends will take you a long way. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than decluttering and painting the walls to improve the look of your home.


Make It Happen

Join us in exploring ideas on how to make your furniture, furnishings, colours and lights look their best. Create your own mood boards, bookmark your favourite pages and share your inspirations with your friends. You never know, they might be able to help.